Magiflame - Flueless Bioethanol Fires & Fireplaces

Magiflame - Bioethanol Fires and Fireplaces

Introducing MagiflameTM  flueless bioethanol fireplaces

At last, a product that slips easily into a grate without fuss, instantly giving not only heat but real dancing, flickering flames.

Unlike other appliances designed to give the impression of a cosy flame, the Magiflame Alchemy  looks like a real fire in your fireplace as it is a real fire! Actual flames will breathe new life into redundant grates and fireplaces without the need for a flue.  The Magiflame Alchemy fire also saves you the fuss and bother of cleaning.

Imagine the difference this will make to your room on cosy nights in, special occasions or whilst you are entertaining.

A truly useful product designed by us - experienced fireplace experts-  for people who love to live with a real fire. The Magiflame Alchemy fire is available to both customers choosing a Victorian Fireplaces'  package and those looking to retro-fit to an existing grate.

Real Fire

Magiflame Alchemy's flames are real. They move and flicker plus provide an unrivalled level of heat. A great effect is guaranteed.

Eco Friendly

The Magiflame Alchemy fire is as green as it is beautiful. It is also safe, clean and eco-responsible - helping you ‘do your bit’ for our planet.


Amazingly, the Magiflame Alchemy fire has no need of a flue.  Bioethanol only produces heat, steam and a very small amount of Carbon Dioxide.

100% Efficient

100% of the heat that your Magiflame Alchemy fire produces will stay in the room. None is lost up the chimney.  Magiflame Alchemy is 100% efficient.

MagiflameTM 10 year guarantee

We're so confident in the engineering, build quality and durability of our product, that we're giving a ten-year limited guarantee with each and every one. Not a year, two years, five years or even seven. But ten years.  We are the first manufacturer of this type of product to give such a long guarantee. That's how confident we are in our product.

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