Econol 1L bottles now available

Posted: February 22nd, 2012  |  By: Daniel Gibbs  |  No Comments »

Econol is a premium blend of bioethanol formulated to provide a beautiful flame which will dance and flicker as well as burning efficiently.

The Econol 5L bottles have been a huge success with our burners as we have created an easy to use fuel pump which attaches to the bottles. This filling method is extremely easy and very safe. The 1L bottles have been created due to demand and they will compliment our 5L bottles.

Econol 1L bottles are packed 12 in a box and can be ordered in multiples of 12. Econol have 12L, 24L, 36L, 48L and 96L bottles and it is as cheap as £1.98 per litre. You can by Econol bioethanol here.

Magiflame used for ITV1 60 Minute Makeover

Posted: July 26th, 2011  |  By: Daniel Gibbs  |  No Comments »

60 Minute Makeover is an interior design series with amazing surprise makeovers. Working with some of the UK’s most reputable interior designers the show has been a great success for a number of years. It was no surprise that we jumped at the chance to have one of our fires featured on the show.

We were approached by Victorian Fireplaces to supply a Alchemy 2 burner to be used inside a gorgeous reproduction period fireplace. The fireplace had been specified by designer Sophie Robinson to compliment the light walls, purple complimentary coloured accessories and dark wooden furniture.  Because the home owner had respiratory problems which meant gas or solid fuel fires could be potential dangerous due to carbon monoxide it was unanimous decision by the team at 60 minute makeover especially after they have introduced to the benefits by Victorian Fireplaces.

I am sure you will agree the Alchemy fire really brings the fireplace to life and completes the overall look.

You read all about the makeover at Victorian Fireplaces on their blog.